soul coach What is a Soul Coach?

A Soul Coach takes a spiritual approach to your healing journey which takes you to a deeper level of your true self and facilitates the healing connection of your Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit. Soul Coaching can facilitate deepening your self-awareness, personal growth and healing process from the inside ~ out.  It truly is an inside job.  Everything you need is within your beautiful heart.  The practice is coming to stillness and listening to all the whispers of wisdom and love within your heart.  A Soul Coach is a listener, a sacred witness, a being who serves in the role of assisting you to ask questions of your own beautiful inner being.

I invite you to Illuminate the Gifts of Grace within your beautiful heart.

The main key to growth and development is the willingness to self-examine and see ourselves as a source of our experience without moving into shame.   Most of us just have not learned these inner development skills.   Once we have learned these skills and tools we are then able to put them into sacred action within our personal life so we may live more deeply in peace.  From this place we are able to cultivate healthy relationships with our loved ones and our beloved intimate partner.  Relationships are springboard opportunities to cultivate a higher purpose and greater consciousness.

Every thought, every choice, every word, every action puts energy into motion which affects your life, the lives around you and the well-being of our planet and every living being on it because what is in One is in the Whole. This is one of the Universal Laws that governs us all. What’s going on within you directly affects all living beings around you.  Soul Coaching guides you to consciously shift negative thought patterns, observe, identify and shift behavioural patterns that no longer serve your journey and dismantle limiting belief systems which are holding you back from living a life of Joy and Peace.  This process creates space within to invoke healthy patterns, wise choices, positive inspiring thoughts and behaviours that will expand your new vision of the life you wish to live.  This inner-work will help you connect to your innate gifts and purpose within and align your inner spiritual life with your outer life from a place of joy, inner peace and divine love.

You are invited to be excited to explore the mystery of life! This is your birth right.  Choose to learn new tools that can help you navigate your life from a more joy-full and sustainable place.  It is indeed a choice as this power is within us to ignite.  Within the gift of every breath you have the power of choice.  What do you choose to do and who do you choose to BE in this precious, brief and beautiful gift of life?

Whether you are seeking guidance on:

  • Cultivating new tools to navigate your life in the direction that inspires you!
  • Connecting to who you truly are and for what purpose were you born
  • Wishing to bring a new vision of your life to reality
  • Harmonize the doing/being aspects of your life
  • Connect deeper to your creative energy
  • Wish to cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace after a break-up, divorce or loss of a loved one
  • Wish to flow through a conscious uncoupling process with your partner and continue to create Unity versus Separation
  • Healing from an illness, dis-ease, depression or addiction
  • Struggling with anxiety, fatigue or insomnia
  • Wish to transform your fears into love
  • Transcend ego and have a deeper connection to your inner being
  • Connect to loving yourself and others more deeply
  • Forgive yourself and others so you can be free to heal fully
  • Dismantling belief systems that are not serving your journey
  • Cultivate an Extraordinary Self~Care Practice that nourishes your whole Being and honours your Sacred Temple which houses your beautiful soul
  • Cleanse and honour your Sacred Temple and the Altars within of the Mind, Heart and Sexual Centres
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries, trust your intuition and embrace opportunities that will guide you to your highest potential
  • Or perhaps you are in the midst of palliative care and you wish to Die Consciously and leave your physical body in deep peace for the evolution of your soul

We don’t truly know who we are on the inside until we choose to commit to the practice of stillness,
self-observation and contemplation.

DSC_0461Your spirit is the part of you that seeks meaning and purpose. It’s the part drawn to hope, that will not give in to despair.

Soul Coaching is a spiritual journey in which you can truly hear the whispers of your soul, your inner being so you can transform your life and create the life you truly wish to live.  The answers to your deepest questions are inside of you.  Once you begin to clear away the emotional, physical, and mental “clutter” within you can then open up the channels of communication with your soul so that you can hear the messages and guidance from within.

Each of us has a soul purpose ~ Dharma, a calling that ignites our life and illuminates our souls path towards wholeness.  A calling that allows us to create ourselves and the world around us.  We are all here to be creative beings and learn to love & empower ourselves and others.  We all have beautiful gifts within to share with the world.   Each of us has Sacred Contracts with others during our journey.  Contracts of empowerment, wisdom, truth, integrity, forgiveness, intimacy, compassion and so much love and grace.  Each relationship we experience is an opportunity to grow, to expand, to evolve, to love deeper and live more fully.IMG_0250

Surrender to the wisdom within your heart and live the life you were born to live!

Like you ~ I too have lived a life full of beautiful and deeply challenging experiences that have led me to my path today as a Soul Coach and Divine Feminine Spiritual Mentor.  All of which I am truly grateful for as each experience offered me great wisdom, love and soul growth.  The power that created my body also heals my body and that same power is within each and everyone of us.  I am honoured, delighted and wildly passionate to be of service to others in this capacity. I provide a space where you can feel safe & supported and where you can truly heal and change your life in so many beautiful ways. I take a compassionate, empathic, fun, experiential and deeply caring approach to your personal growth.  I also take a light-hearted approach to facilitating your healing process as I belief that change doesn’t have to be so serious.  With some much needed humour and deep compassion we can bring your life back to one of flowing with ease and grace.  I realize the word “balance” is overused these days and when we think we have achieved it we are tested once again!  I prefer to use the word “flow“.  All of life is in constant change, energy is in constant motion, mother nature is all about change and so it is wiser to learn new tools which will help us navigate our life with greater ease, flow & sustainability.  These tools are used as a practice in our life, not to achieve perfection, for “the real practice is not to be perfect but manifesting to the best of our abilities the gifts that we are given”. (Steve Jobs)

“How strange that the nature of life is change, yet the nature of human beings is to resist change.  And how ironic that the difficult times we fear might ruin us are the very ones that can break us open and help us blossom into who we were meant to be.” ~  Caroline Myss

I am a devoted and passionate student of all that I offer in the world.  My wish for you is to live the life you most desire from a place of curiosity, joy, inner peace, love, expansion and sustainability.   My wish for you is to fall asleep at night with a heart full of gratitude, love & peace and to wake up feeling empowered and inspired to create another day however you wish!  You are the Light of Love.  You are here to share this light with the world.

Photo by Tobin Smith

“The journey of exploring this life of mystery is a constant journey of empowerment. Transition to empowerment is our goal. Which includes being aware of your patterns and changing fundamental behaviors in yourself. With the goal of practice. Not perfection. Be honest with yourself. Be gentle. Practice Congruency ~ make decisions where your heart and mind agree. Hold yourself accountable. This is how you build a soul with stamina.” ~ Caroline Myss

All personal sessions are offered in my beautiful private Urban Mystics Retreat in Edgemont Village North Vancouver and Squamish BC.  Skype Sessions are also offered.

Initial Consultation Session is 90 Minutes
Each consecutive session is 60 Minutes

Partial Revenue goes to various service projects
supported by Yogatta Be The Change.




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